Looking to get faster results from all the effort you’re putting in at the gym? If so, sleep might just be what you should focus on.

Many people put all the effort into doing more workouts, doing more cardio, dieting more often, and so forth but neglect sleep entirely.

If you aren’t sleeping as well as you should, this is going to have a massive influence on your overall performance and results. Aiming to get 8 hours at minimum per night is a must.

Here’s why.

Improved Insulin Sensitivity

The very first reason why you might want to consider sleeping more is due to the improved insulin sensitivity you’ll receive.

Those who don’t have good insulin sensitivity, which can be brought on by lack of sleep and a diet high in refined foods, will tend to store the calories they eat as body fat.

Those who have good insulin sensitivity will direct those calories towards the muscle cells for use as energy, rebuilding, or future energy storage in the form of muscle glycogen.

Increasing your insulin sensitivity can also decrease your risk of diabetes as well.

Enhanced Recovery

Enhanced recovery is the next reason to consider spending more time in your bed each night. When you’re sleeping, your body is going to go into a state of deep recovery, really going in and repairing those muscle tissues.

If you aren’t giving your body this time, your recovery may be lagging behind. If you never make a full recovery, you’ll just set yourself up for overtraining and then you can rest assured progress won’t be seen.

Better Hormonal Release

Finally, you’ll also get a better hormonal release if you are sleeping more throughout the night. This is the primary time the body is going to release growth hormone and testosterone, two key hormones for maximum muscle building.

For those hoping to gain muscle mass or get leaner, you definitely want these in your favor.

If you aren’t prioritizing sleep, now is the time to start. Don’t let a busy schedule – or late night TV keep you away from seeing your best body ever. The more sleep you get, the more committed you’ll be to making healthy lifestyle changes as well, helping you stay motivated to keep up with your plan.